Poetic Assembly of Words – Tagesberichte zur Antarktis Halbumrundung 2015

Von Anfang Januar bis Mitte Februar 2015 – fünf Jahre nach meiner ersten Antarktisreise mit der Plancius – durfte ich zum zweiten Mal ganz weit in den Süden reisen. Dieses Mal von Argentinien bis Neuseeland. Unter dem Stichwort „Antarctica“ möchte ich meine (eher dichterischen) Gedanken festhalten: Eindrücke – Stimmungen – Erinnerungen.

Die „Assembly of Words“ (in drei Teilen) sind zugleich mein Beitrag an das (englischsprachige) Logbuch der MV Ortelius – geschrieben von den Passagieren und Crewmitgliedern. Es fasst meine Schlüsselwörter zu drei Tagen dieser Reise zusammen.

09 February 2015:
The Recap – A Poetic Assembly of Words III

by Sascha Demarmels

Antarctic has been sliding away from me for days now. With every degree north civilization gets closer and everyday life isn’t far away any more. Here are some thoughts about our journey. Not everything is from me, though. I listened carefully to what people said. And for once I won‘t tell, whose wishes they are.

what we have seen what we miss now what we will miss then
good mornings, good peoples, and many good days

penguins: Emperor, Gentoo, Adélie, Chinstrap, Macaroni, Yellow-eyed penguins

albatrosses: Wandering, Southern Royal, Black-browed (or Black-brown, if you want to), Grey-headed

petrels, all sorts of and prions, shags and skuas, gulls, some of them, shear-water

seals: Wedell, Crabeater, Ross Seal (!!! :-))), Leopard Seal and a Sea Lion

whales: Orca, Minke, Humpback (that I am not so sure of), Fin whale mermaids (?)

ice, water, snow, sun, lots of sun, more water, much more ice, fog, clouds, waves, some more water, some rocks, icebergs, galciers, Sloes, growlers, fast ice, ice shelf, islands, mainland, landscapes

a hot bath the own bed
having put a hot tea and cereals by one’s bed without having to talk to anybody

real bread for breakfast, real ice cream, cervelat (a special Swiss sausage), real chocolate, gummi bears, green salad, fresh tomato salad, fresh vegetables, sparkling mineral water, real beer, oranges

the girlfriend, the boyfriend, the husband, the wife, the children, the grand children, the daughter, the son, the mother, the father, the sister, the brother, the cousin, the niece, the nephew

loneliness, a quite place, some silence, perhaps someone who wants to share my antarctic stories

the bar in the early morning

nice people to talk to and to be friendly with

every day a new excitement (I know there are excitements in my everyday life, but actually not like those of the last few weeks…), the wildlife, the landscapes, the ice

having an „apero“ (Swiss German for aperitif), having gin on deck (and being very decadent, but also feeling very special)

to sway through the ship

not having to make decisions (well, you know, it was nice to be in the good hands of our experienced staff, wasn’t it?)
listening to interesting lectures
nice talks on the bridge, waiting for one of the 4.5 whales, the waves (they really impressed me during the last days of our journey!)

always having someone to share the exciting amazement

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